UNSG Report on Rising Rights Violations in Iran

UNSG Report On Rising Rights Violations In Iran
Written by OIAC-US

The Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC) works to promote human rights for the people of Iran. In September, 2016, we presented to the United Nations General Assembly an update on current human rights conditions within Iran. Our report concluded that human rights violations in Iran continue. We specifically reported on the following:

  • Death Penalty—Despite the UN’s call for a moratorium on executions, the government of Iran continues its high rate of state executions. Many executions are for drug-related crimes, which do not meet any threshold for a crime serious enough to merit execution. Trials fall short of international fair trial standards and a significant number of executions are carried out in public without any prior notice. Additionally, Iran continues to execute minors.
  • Corporal Punishment—The criminal code in Iran still does not protect prisoners from torture or other forms of ill treatment. Investigators found evidence that prisoners have been tortured, flogged, stoned, and even raped. Prisoners are subjected to hunger, cold temperatures, widespread solitary confinement, and a lack of healthcare.
  • Speech—Freedom of expression continues to be suppressed. Journalists and online activists suffer regular arbitrary arrest. Artists and musicians are also arrested for peacefully expressing their views.
  • Refugees—Refugees in Iran are subjected to discrimination, inequality, and mistreatment.
  • Women—Women are married young, suffer from domestic abuse, and have few opportunities for personal development. They are underrepresented in government and subjected to traditional cultural attitudes about the roles of women.
  • Religious Minorities—Members of religious minorities are denied the right to peaceably assemble. They face significant discrimination and persecution.

At OIAC, we will continue to voice our concerns about human rights in Iran.

UNSG Report
UNSG Report on Rising Rights Violations - Iran

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